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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Know Better Clothing is a brand that has been created not only to take your style to the next level, but also to inspire others. With our name "Know Better" we encourage people to Do Better! Know Better and don't give up on your dreams, Know Better and grow from your loses, Know Better and spread love, be a positive force in the world. People who wear our clothes should be proud and walk with confidence knowing that every time you wear our clothing your inflicting the message of "Know Better" on to the world.

streetwear summer set, t-shirt and shorts for men and women.

Our Story

Know Better Clothing was born back in 2019 where we started out just selling t - shirts with our original pointing hand logo to reinforce the message "Know Better". Since then the brand has grown a lot with new stylish designs and the logo has evolved into a cleaner "KB" with the "B" reversed into the "K". This was done because if you look closely in-between the K and B it creates a subtle bird image.


The bird represents growth and freedom and this is what we inspire people to aim for because the majority of people are stuck in jobs they never wanted to be in but sold their dreams because the pay check was alright and are now living a lie. Just working their life away to be able to afford to live. Don't let this be you!

In 2022 the brand hit a massive milestone where we decided it was time to turn limited. Know Better Clothing is now a limited company and with our resilience coupled with constant persistence we can't wait to keep on scaling the company and grow bigger than ever before!

Meet The Boss

founder of know better clothing
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